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How To Check Jamb Admission Status 2024/2025 On Portal

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The Check Jamb Admission Status 2024 portal is now open. Follow the provided guide to check your status, which reflects acceptance or rejection by institutions through UTME or Direct Entry.

This step is crucial in admission, indicating provisional acceptance, pending decisions, or non-admission. Candidates check after completing admission processes, including the release and release of UTME scores and post-UTME screenings.

For a Nigerian tertiary institution aspirants, monitoring your admission status is crucial. The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) provides an accessible portal for candidates to check their admission status.

The entire process of JAMB registration, checking results, and post-UTME is leading to one crucial moment – admission to the desired university, polytechnic, or college of education.

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The oversight in checking admission status is often due to a lack of information. After the post-UTME exams, consistently checking for admission is crucial. Two standard methods exist, but I recommend one. While there are alternative methods, not all institutions use them. I’ll guide you through the recommended process – take a moment to read and appreciate the information. Friends help each other out, right?

What Is JAMB Admission Status?

JAMB admission status reflects whether a candidate has been accepted or rejected by a tertiary institution through UTME or Direct Entry. It indicates if a candidate has been offered provisional admission, awaits a decision, or has not been admitted. Checking is typically done after the completion of admission processes, including UTME scores release and post-UTME screenings. I have explained the terms used on JAMB CAPS here.

How To Check Jamb Admission Status 2024/2025

I strongly recommend using JAMB CAPS for checking admission status due to a time-sensitive acceptance/rejection deadline. However, it’s wise to check both JAMB CAPS and your school’s website for thorough verification.

In summary, use both methods for a comprehensive check. Now, let me guide you through the correct procedure. Enjoy!

To check JAMB Admission Status,

  • visit the JAMB CAPS portal. Log in to your JAMB profile using your registration number and password.
  • Open Chrome Or Other Suitable Browser On your Phone. Utilize your mobile phone to find and open your Chrome web browser or other compatible browsers such as Firefox or Internet Explorer.
How To Reprint JAMB Exam Slip 2024
Check Jamb Admission Status 2024
JAMB Efacility
  • Upon successful login, on a desktop computer, find the “Admission Tab” on the left side of the page, click it to reveal a dropdown menu, and select the “Check Admission Status” button.
When you click on the “Create e-facility Account/Log in“, you will be taken to your JAMB Profile Login Page, Fill the email address and Password with the Email address you linked to your JAMB Profile and the Password sent to your email by JAMB

If you have not linked your Email address yet, Click here now for steps on how to link your Email to JAMB Profile.
JAMB Admission Status

Clicking on “Create e-facility Account/Log in” leads you to your JAMB Profile Login Page. Input the email address and password associated with your JAMB Profile. If your email is not linked, follow these steps to link it to your JAMB Profile. Now, select the “Check Admission Status” button revealed through the dropdown Admission Tab.

  • Now, select the “Check Admission Status” button revealed through the dropdown Admission Tab.
  • Choose your Examination Year from the dropdown menu, enter your JAMB Registration Number in the provided box, and click the “Check Admission Status” button. Wait for your admission status to be displayed.
  • Select your Examination Year from the dropdown menu, enter your JAMB Registration Number in the designated box, and click the “Check Admission Status” button. Await the display of your admission status.
JAMB Admission Status otification

If admitted, you’ll receive a response displaying your photo along with a congratulatory message. If not admitted, the response will state “Sorry, No Admission has been Given Yet.”

After confirming your admission status, if accepted, proceed to ACCEPT OR REJECT ADMISSION STATUS or PRINT YOUR JAMB ADMISSION LETTER.

For those uncertain about their admission status, send “STATUS YEAR OF ADMISSION” to 55019 (e.g., “STATUS2024”) from your phone. Admitted candidates should promptly accept or reject admission online for timely processing.

After acceptance, it’s crucial to print the admission letter, which may be required during clearance and registration at the admitted school. Candidates who initially used “awaiting result” should upload their O’Level results on the JAMB portal for admission processing.

If admission hasn’t been offered yet, regularly check the JAMB website for updates. Note that the Admission List is uploaded in batches on the JAMB portal as processing occurs.

Meaning of JAMB CAPS Admission Status 2024/2025

Not Admitted on JAMB CAPS: This is the initial status for all candidates before schools send admission lists to JAMB. While it may cause concern, it simply indicates that you haven’t been considered for admission yet.

If your school has not released all lists, there’s still hope for future consideration. Admission in Progress (AIP) on JAMB CAPS:

Once JAMB receives the candidate list from the school, the status changes to “Admission in Progress,” signifying that you are being considered for admission. Ensure your O’level result is uploaded on JAMB CAPS, as the status may revert to “Not Admitted” if the result is not successfully uploaded.

After following the mentioned steps, check your admission status

  • If you see CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE BEEN OFFERED PROVISIONAL ADMISSION,” you can accept or reject the offer and print your admission letter.
  • ADMISSION IN PROGRESS indicates an ongoing admission process; check for updates later.
  • “NOT ADMITTED” means you haven’t been considered; consider alternative options or apply for a JAMB change of course or institution.

Upon acceptance, print your JAMB Admission Letter for official confirmation. Additionally, verify your admission status directly with the institution, as they may have specific processes or requirements.


How can I check my JAMB admission status?

You can verify your admission status either online through the JAMB e-Facility portal or by visiting your chosen university’s admissions office.

What information do I need to check my JAMB admission status online?

You’ll require your JAMB registration number and password

What does it mean if my name is on the JAMB admission list?

This indicates official admission to a university through JAMB. Congratulations!

Do I need to register with my university after seeing my JAMB admission status?

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