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How To Pass JAMB 2024/2025 Without Studying Too Hard

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If you’re seeking ways to Pass JAMB 2024/2025 without intense studying, you’re in the right place. While studying is essential, smarter approaches exist to succeed without overwhelming yourself. In this guide, you will discover the different tips on how to pass JAMB 2024/2025 without studying too hard.

Yes, it’s possible. You can pass JAMB 2024 without studying as intensely as others. Along with tips on passing JAMB without studying hard, you’ll also receive official answers to common JAMB-related questions, including the difficulty level, the number of questions, what constitutes a good JAMB score, the duration of the exam, and more.

Ready? Let’s dive in!

What is a good JAMB score?

Understanding the JAMB grading system is crucial before evaluating whether a score of 250 is good. The scale ranges from 0 to 400, with each subject having a maximum of 100 marks. The grading system is as follows:

  • 180 – 199 marks: Considered average, with a good chance of gaining admission to most tertiary institutions in Nigeria.
  • 200 – 249 marks: Considered good, with a very high chance of admission to most tertiary institutions.
  • 250 – 299 marks: Considered excellent, providing a high chance of admission to highly competitive institutions.
  • 300 – 400 marks: Considered outstanding, offering a very high chance of admission to highly competitive institutions in Nigeria.

Is 250 a Good JAMB Score?

A JAMB score of 250 is deemed excellent, providing candidates with a very high chance of admission into highly competitive tertiary institutions in Nigeria. Achieving this score reflects a candidate’s academic potential and readiness for tertiary education.

It’s essential to note that while the JAMB score is a crucial factor, admission into a tertiary institution in Nigeria is influenced by other criteria, including O’level results, post-UTME screening, and the available spaces in the institution.

Is JAMB difficult to pass?

No. However, the validity of this answer depends on how effectively you apply the smart strategies outlined below.

How To Pass JAMB 2024/2025 Without Studying Too Hard

Avoid engaging in malpractices during JAMB as there is a high likelihood of getting caught. The accredited JAMB exam centers have functional CCTV cameras, and this contributes to the identification of candidates whose results are canceled due to malpractices. Passing JAMB 2024 doesn’t require resorting to cheating; you can achieve success without extreme studying.

Understand the JAMB exam pattern

Understanding the JAMB exam pattern is a key strategy to pass without excessive stress. This involves knowing the number of questions, time constraints, and the scoring system. Armed with this information, you can plan your study approach more effectively.

Prioritize challenging subjects, practice with past questions, and manage your time wisely. This approach prevents wasting time in less critical areas.

When well-prepared and aware of what to expect, you’ll feel more confident, ultimately reducing stress during the exam. Therefore, comprehending the exam pattern is a smart method to pass JAMB without overwhelming study efforts.

 Choose your course of Study wisely

Here we are talking the critical role of choosing the right course during JAMB registration. It stresses the importance of aligning the chosen course with the candidate’s favorite subjects to increase the chances of scoring higher without extensive studying.

Choosing the right course is crucial for passing JAMB without excessive studying. For instance, if your favorite subject is Agric and you struggle with calculations, opting for Mechanical Engineering, which requires Physics and Mathematics, can be challenging.

However, selecting a course like Horticulture that includes Agric in its JAMB combination aligns with your strengths. This strategic choice allows you to leverage your expertise in Agric and perform well in related subjects, making the preparation process more manageable.

The emphasis is on aligning course choices with personal strengths to facilitate easier and more successful JAMB preparation.

The guide advises candidates to target a higher JAMB score than the average cutoff of 200 to enhance their chances of securing admission into competitive institutions. The overall approach focuses on strategic decision-making to optimize performance in the JAMB examination.

Target a Higher JAMB Score

Aiming for a JAMB score higher than the average 200 is a smart strategy for success. This approach encourages candidates to set ambitious goals, fostering a mindset that reaches beyond the minimum requirement. The analogy, “Shoot for the moon.

Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars,” underscores the idea that aiming higher increases the likelihood of achieving a satisfactory score for admission into desired institutions.

Targeting a score above the average ensures a safety net, reducing the risk of falling below the minimum cutoff marks for competitive universities.

Understanding how specific universities divide JAMB scores for departmental cut-off marks is crucial. Take UNILAG as an example, dividing JAMB scores by 8.

If a candidate scores just 200, dividing by 8 yields 25. This means that to meet UNILAG’s cut-off mark for a course, the candidate must score at least 25 in the Post UTME in addition to their JAMB score.

This illustrates the risk of relying on the minimum JAMB score of 200, as it magnifies the importance of performing well in subsequent admission processes. Targeting a score higher than the average becomes a strategic approach to mitigate such risks and ensure eligibility for competitive institutions.

Don’t Read Wide

To succeed in JAMB without intense studying, prioritize focus over extensive coverage. Rather than attempting to read all topics from SS1 to SS3, follow JAMB’s syllabus for each subject. This targeted approach emphasizes quality over quantity, aligning with the principle that “focus is more important than intelligence.”

Study Your Favourite Subject More

To excel in JAMB without intense study, prioritize your strengths over weaknesses. Allocate more time to subjects you excel in, following the principle of “Focus On Your Strengths, Not Your Weaknesses.” While not neglecting weaker subjects, emphasize your favorites to enhance overall performance.

Make Sure You Smashed the English Paper

JAMB candidates must take the Use of English section, irrespective of their course or school. Though it might not be a favorite, mastering the format—covering the JAMB novel, comprehension, lexis and structure, and orals—can yield a high score. Given its compulsory nature and relative ease, excelling in English can significantly boost your overall JAMB score. Need assistance with this step? READ: How to Score 300 & Above in JAMB 2024/2025

Past Questions Are The Real EXPO

To excel in JAMB without intensive study, focus on past questions. With over 42 years of UTME history and 2000+ questions per subject, JAMB repeats about 70% of past questions annually, albeit with variations. While the syllabus provides insight into topic areas, studying past questions reveals patterns and frequently repeated topics. By randomly selecting 5 years each from different decades, you can discern JAMB’s question tricks.

Practice JAMB CBT thoroughly

READ: How To Prepare and Pass JAMB CBT 2024/2025 & Ace it With a High Score

To prepare effectively for JAMB without exerting too much effort, after deciding to study past questions, the next strategic step is to practice Computer-Based Testing (CBT).

Go for the JAMB mock exam

 The rescheduled MOCK exam is set for Tuesday, 18th April, 2024, from 8 am to 4 pm. Originally conducted on 30th March, 2024. To further enhance your JAMB preparation, participating in the JAMB mock exam is highly beneficial.

Many JAMB mock questions are randomly selected from previous JAMB questions, offering you exposure to potential question repeats in the main JAMB exam.

The mock exam is conducted using all the features of JAMB CBT, providing a safe environment to assess and refine your time management skills. This experience allows you to familiarize yourself with the CBT system and optimize your performance under exam conditions.

Start With your Favourite Subject

By prioritizing and swiftly completing your favorite subject, you can save valuable time for the remaining subjects. This strategic approach allows you to capitalize on your strengths, efficiently tackling questions in your preferred subject and subsequently managing your time more effectively throughout the exam.

Do Your Calculations Subject(s) Last

Unless Math, Physics, or Account holds a special place as your favorite subject, consider answering them after completing the other subjects. Initiating the exam with calculation-intensive subjects can potentially impede your overall time management. Prioritize calmly finishing the subjects in which you excel, and then allocate the remaining time to swiftly address the subjects that may demand more effort. This strategy ensures that you optimize your performance across all subjects within the allocated time frame.

Skip Questions You Don’t Know

Skip unfamiliar or forgotten questions during an exam; revisiting them later is more efficient than wasting time on uncertainties when you have other known questions to address.

 Crosscheck your answers

Before submitting, review the computer screen displaying the total questions, both answered and unanswered. Specifically, revisit and attempt any deliberately or accidentally skipped unanswered questions before finalizing your submission.

Guessing is Better Than Blank

This one Technique I have used worked and I taught my students and it is working for them, If you find yourself unsure or unable to recall the answer to a challenging question, make a guess and select any of the provided options. Opting for a guess gives you a chance to choose the correct answer, whereas leaving the question unanswered ensures a zero probability of getting it right.


Passing JAMB requires effective studying and thorough preparation. Instead of overwhelming yourself with excessive studying, there are more efficient ways to approach it. This article has outlined strategies on how to pass JAMB without putting in excessive effort. By following these tips, you can study more smartly and efficiently, avoiding unnecessary stress. If you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to drop them in the comments section, and I’ll respond promptly.

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