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(ii) UPGRADE TO 250: ₦15,000
(iii) UPGRADE TO 300: ₦20,000
(iV) UPGRADE TO 350: ₦30,000

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How to Pass JAMB Excellently 2024/2025

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How to Pass JAMB Excellently 2024/2025: in the 2024 UTME, approximately 25,000 students failed, with over 20,500 scoring below 200. Here’s how to improve your chances. Despite rigorous preparation, many Nigerian students still fail JAMB. The recurring issue suggests a lack of awareness about essential guides for success in CBT examinations.

In this article, we are moving into essential materials, tips, causes of failures, and secret guides for passing the 2024 JAMB examination. If you’ve wondered how to excel or sought secrets for success, find your answers here.

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About JAMB UTME 2024

JAMB (Joint Admission and Matriculation Board) is a Nigerian examination body established by the Federal Military Government in 1978 through Act No. 2 1978. Its primary function is to conduct UTME examinations for candidates seeking admission into tertiary institutions.

Initially, JAMB exams were handwritten, but the board introduced computer-based tests (CBT) to combat examination malpractice. With about 3 million applicants annually and 500 examination centers nationwide, JAMB UTME is a prominent means of gaining admission into Nigerian tertiary institutions.

Despite alternative admission routes, JAMB UTME remains a crucial assessment for admission in Nigeria. Its continued significance emphasizes the importance of early preparation, with students advised to start preparing during their secondary education. The introduction of CBT has enhanced the examination’s credibility and efficiency.

JAMB /UTME Examination format 2024/2025

JAMB (Joint Admission and Matriculation Board) conducts a Computer-Based Test (CBT) for its examination. Candidates choose 4 subjects as their subject combination, with 40 questions each, except for the use of English, which has 60 questions. In total, candidates answer 180 questions.

For the Use of English, JAMB recommends a specific textbook for study, and 10 out of the 60 questions are directly from that recommended textbook.

How to Pass JAMB Excellently 2024/2025

How to Pass JAMB Excellently 2024/2025

Early preparation

To excel in the JAMB exam, start preparing early to avoid last-minute stress. Procrastination hinders success, so initiate your study plan promptly. Allocate sufficient time to cover each topic thoroughly, engaging in regular practice for better retention. Exceptional performance requires early and consistent JAMB exam preparation. Avoid cramming on exam day by starting your studies as soon as possible, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted preparation journey.

Practice JAMB Past Questions

It has been noted that JAMB often repeats questions, although the structure may change. Referring to the 2016 examination highlights the advantage of studying past questions. The author encourages thorough study of past questions alongside textbooks, syllabi, and other materials, stressing that this approach will significantly contribute to success in the upcoming JAMB examination.

Utilize Textbooks & Syllabus Provided By JAMB

The JAMB 2024 syllabus, updated every four years, encompasses all topics and subtopics from which JAMB draws its questions. While some argue against its necessity due to the comprehensive coverage of secondary school teachings, it’s advisable for students to thoroughly study the syllabus.

JAMB frequently changes the texts used for questions every four years, making it crucial to align your preparation with the current syllabus.

JAMB-recommended textbooks for each subject are pivotal for success, and these can be found in the syllabus after each topic. Hence, having the JAMB syllabus is essential to access the recommended textbooks for effective exam preparation.

Create JAMB Study Schedule

A well-organized study timetable is essential for JAMB exam success. Identify priorities, allocate time for each subject, and include breaks to prevent burnout. Effective exam preparation requires time management and a well-structured study schedule.

Allocate sufficient time for each subject, and incorporate study sessions, breaks, and revisions into your timetable. Edubaloo’s Daily Streak feature, with its motivating streak system, ensures consistency and helps you stick to your study routine for optimal preparation.

Study Relentlessly

A jotter is essential for JAMB exam success, especially given its computer-based nature. CBT exams often feature questions derived from key points within textbooks. To capture these points and reinforce your understanding, use a notebook to jot down significant information while studying.

While reading is crucial, it’s also the most challenging aspect for many students. The key to passing JAMB lies in dedicated and relentless study. Achieving excellence requires consistent and thorough preparation, acknowledging that 100% readiness may be impractical. Despite the voluminous syllabus, relentless studying is the only way to cover the necessary material and succeed in the challenging JAMB examination.

Make Sure You Test Yourself

Make use of the abundance of free online CBT websites and apps on Google to aid your JAMB exam preparation. Practicing at least 20 times with a quality JAMB CBT app is recommended for optimal readiness.

These apps simulate the actual exam conditions, allowing you to set time constraints and enhance time management skills. Overcoming fear of the JAMB exam involves self-testing, which builds confidence. Whether you use an app or not, regular testing is crucial for success in the upcoming JAMB examination.]

Take the JAMB Mock Examination Serious

The UTME mock is an annual preliminary test conducted by JAMB for candidates preparing for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME). Those interested in the mock exam express their intention during the initial UTME registration phase.

The 2024 mock UTME, set for Thursday, March 7th, is designed to offer candidates a simulated testing experience to assess their preparedness. Participation is optional, and the scores do not impact the main examination. The mock test serves the purpose of helping candidates evaluate their readiness and become acquainted with the computer-based testing format.

Learn Time Management

JAMB/UTME is a timed CBT examination, So mastering time management is crucial. Exam preparation instills organizational and planning skills, enabling students to formulate effective time-management strategies for answering questions within the allocated timeframe.

Identify and Work Harder on the Subject you Find Difficult

Identify and prioritize subjects that pose challenges for you. Allocate extra effort and time to study and understand difficult subjects. Recognizing and addressing weak areas can significantly enhance your overall preparation for the exam.

Allocate extra time to topics that are challenging for you, even if you excel in other subjects. Focusing only on your strengths may result in poor performance in weaker areas, negatively impacting your overall JAMB score. A balanced effort across all subjects is crucial for success.

Jamb Smash Hack Snacks 2024/2025

If you are a candidate who is optimistic about passing JAMB Excellently in 2024, scoring at least 250 and above, Then you must read this part of the article closely. Here I got what I refer to as the Jamb Smash Hack Snacks. So it is important that While adhering to the above-mentioned it is Crucial to consider these additional secrets for passing the JAMB examination Excellently in 2024. So let go.

Come To Your Exam Center Very Early.

Avoid the risk of lateness to your examination center; arriving early can mitigate anxiety and tension, a secret tip employed by students for a calm pre-examination experience.

Always Pray Before You Start

Always acknowledge the importance of God in your JAMB preparation. Many students fail not due to lack of preparation but the absence of divine support. Prioritize prayer and seek God’s guidance for success in your exam.

Read Instructions Carefully

Candidates must carefully read and comprehend instructions for each section to prevent mistakes and save time. Neglecting instructions is a common cause of failure in JAMB exams. Failing to follow the given instructions undermines your chances of success. Ensure you thoroughly understand the directives before starting the examination for optimal performance in JAMB.

Answer Easy Questions First

To answer JAMB questions quickly, start with the easy ones. Tackling straightforward questions first builds momentum and boosts confidence as you move through the section.

Examine The Questions.

To answer JAMB questions quickly, candidates should scan through the questions in each section, identifying those they can answer swiftly and those that require more time.

Apply elimination strategies

During the JAMB UTME exam, candidates should eliminate wrong answer options to narrow down choices and enhance the likelihood of selecting the correct answer. Prioritizing accuracy over guesswork minimizes errors and increases the chances of achieving a high score.


How can I score high in JAMB 2024?

Create a Study Timetable: Plan your study schedule. Identify Weak Areas: Pinpoint your weak areas and concentrate on reinforcing them. Simulate Exam Conditions: Practice in conditions similar to the exam before the actual test.

Is the JAMB exam easy?

No, The difficulty of the JAMB exam is subjective and varies among candidates. Feedback from past Jamb Candidates-takers suggests that it can be challenging, particularly for those who are not adequately prepared.

How Early Should I Start Preparing For The JAMB Exam?

Start preparing for your JAMB exam at least 3-6 months before the exam to cover the syllabus, practice past questions, and revise effectively.

Can I Prepare For JAMB In Just One Or Two Weeks?

Avoid last-minute preparation; opt for a comprehensive study plan and consistent efforts over a longer period for better results in your JAMB exam.

How Can I Improve My Exam-Taking Speed And Accuracy?

Regularly practice past questions

What Materials Should I Use For My JAMB Exam Preparation?

Utilize the JAMB syllabus, recommended textbooks, past questions and answers, along with a comprehensive learning platform like Edubaloo for effective exam preparation.

How Can I Stay Motivated And Focused While Preparing For The JAMB Exam?

Establish achievable goals, devise a study plan, and monitor progress through tools like Edubaloo’s Daily Streak. Actively participate in learning by taking notes, seeking clarification, and discussing concepts with peers or tutors.


JAMB, the Nigerian entrance examination board, administers the UTME for university admissions. Aiming for a score of 300 or above is crucial for securing admission into competitive courses and universities in Nigeria. This guide will provide comprehensive strategies and techniques to help you achieve this target in the JAMB UTME.

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