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JAMB 2024/2025 Syllabus For Mathematics – PDF Download

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JAMB 2024/2025 Syllabus For Mathematics: The JAMB Mathematics Syllabus covers various domains: Number and Numeration, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus. To excel, candidates should utilize diverse study materials like textbooks, reference guides, and reputable online resources closely aligned with the syllabus. This approach ensures comprehensive understanding and enhances preparation.

JAMB syllabi are subject-based, with each subject subdivided into specific topics for easy navigation. This structured format aids candidates in focusing their preparation systematically. The syllabus is conveniently compiled in a downloadable PDF format, allowing quick access via smartphones or laptops.

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  • Master computational and manipulative skills. Cultivate precise, logical, and formal reasoning
  • abilities. Hone deductive skills for interpreting graphs, diagrams, and data. Apply mathematical
  • concepts effectively to solve real-world problems.

JAMB Syllabus For Mathematics 2024/2025

1. Number bases:Candidates should be able to:
i. Perform basic operations (x, +, -, ÷) in different number bases from 2 to 10;
ii. Convert one base to another, including fractional parts;
iii. Perform operations in modulo arithmetic.
2. Fractions, Decimals, Approximations andCandidates should be able to:
Percentages:i. Perform basic operations (x, +, -, ÷) on fractions and decimals;
ii. Express numbers to specified significant figures and decimal places;
iii. Calculate simple interest, profit and loss percent, ratio, proportion, rate, and percentage error;
iv. Solve problems involving shares and value-added tax (VAT).
3. Indices, Logarithms and Surds:Candidates should be able to:
i. Apply the laws of indices in calculation;
ii. Solve equations involving indices;
iii. Solve problems in different bases in logarithms;
iv. Simplify and rationalize surds;
v. Perform basic operations on surds.
4. Sets:Candidates should be able to:
i. Identify types of sets and solve problems involving cardinality of sets;
ii. Solve set problems using symbols;
iii. Use Venn diagrams to solve problems involving not more than 3 sets.
1. Polynomials:Candidates should be able to:
i. Find the subject of a formula of a given equation;
ii. Apply factor and remainder theorems to factorize expressions;
iii. Multiply, divide polynomials of degree not exceeding 3 and determine values of defined and undefined expressions;
iv. Factorize expressions by regrouping, difference of two squares, perfect squares, and cubic expressions;
v. Solve simultaneous equations – one linear, one quadratic;
vi. Interpret graphs of polynomials, including applications to maximum and minimum values.
2. Variation:Candidates should be able to:
i. Solve problems involving direct, inverse, joint, and partial variations;
ii. Solve problems on percentage increase and decrease in variation.
3. Inequalities:Candidates should be able to:
i. Solve problems on linear and quadratic inequalities analytically and graphically;
ii. Interpret graphs of inequalities.
JAMB Syllabus For Mathematics 2024/2025

Jamb Recommended Text Books For Mathematics 2024/2025

Adelodun A. A (2000). Distinction in Mathematics: Comprehensive Revision Text, (3rd Edition) Ado ”“Ekiti: FNPL.

Anyebe, J. A. B (1998). Basic Mathematics for Senior Secondary Schools and Remedial Students in Higher/Institutions, Lagos: Kenny Moore.

Channon, J. B. Smith, A. M (2001). New General Mathematics for West Africa SSS 1 to 3, Lagos: Longman.

David ”“Osuagwu, M. name(s)? (2000). New School Mathematics for Senior Secondary Schools, Onitsha: Africana – FIRST Publishers.

Egbe. E name(s)? (2000). Further Mathematics, Onitsha: Africana ” FIRST Publishers

Ibude, S. O. name(s)? (2003). Algebra and Calculus for Schools and Colleges: LINCEL Publishers.

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