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JAMB IBASS Eligibility Checker 2024/2025 For Brochure & Syllabus

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The JAMB IBASS Eligibility Checker 2024/2025, discover the meaning of JAMB IBASS and find out how to check eligibility for your desired course and institution. Plus, learn how to access the JAMB Syllabus for 2024. If these questions resonate with you, you’re in the right place.

Discover answers to questions about the JAMB IBASS eligibility checking system, learn how to use it, access the JAMB Syllabus and Brochure, and find guidance on downloading the app from the Google Play Store, all in one place.

Ensure admission success by confirming your eligibility for your desired course and institution before JAMB registration. JAMB has simplified this process through the JAMB IBASS, making eligibility checks stress-free and convenient. Stay tuned for a discussion on how JAMB IBASS works, its meaning, functionalities, and more.


JAMB IBASS Course Eligibility Checker is a tool enabling applicants to confirm their eligibility for chosen courses. It aids in aligning requirements with institution programs and guides in selecting the correct subject combination for a chosen course.

Checking the JAMB brochure is also recommended to verify qualifications for applying to a course or tertiary institution in Nigeria. For those considering a change of course or institution, verifying eligibility with the intended institution is crucial before proceeding.

Categories to Select from on JAMB IBASS Course Eligibility Checker

  • Mode of Entry
  • Select Institution Type
  • Select Institution Category
  • Select Institution
  • Select Programme
  • O’level Selection: Choose your O’level credit (A1-C6) and Passes (D7-E8).
  • A’level Selection: Choose your A’level Credit and Passes (for A-level candidates).
  • Select your UTME Subject Combination.

How To Use JAMB IBASS Eligibility Checker 2024/2025

To check your eligibility for courses and institutions, follow these steps:

  • Visit JAMB IBASS eligibility checking Portal at http://eligibility.jamb.gov.ng/checker/.
  • Fill in the necessary information (Mode of entry, Institution type, Institution category, etc.).
  • Select your UTME subjects combination.
  • Click on the “Check Eligibility Program” button.
  • Instantly, you’ll be directed to the “JAMB IBASS eligibility confirmation page,” where your eligibility for the course/institution will be displayed.

On the IBASS page, Explore alternatives you are eligible for and may want to consider. It’s highly advisable to conduct this eligibility check before making a final decision on your chosen course and university. Now that you’ve checked your eligibility on JAMB IBASS, let’s delve into other functionalities. Enjoy!.

How To Access JAMB Brochure On IBASS

How To download Jamb Syllabus 2024/2025 Via (IBASS) Syllabus System

Accessing the JAMB brochure is simple:

  • Visit the JAMB IBASS official Website at https://jamb.gov.ng/ibass.
  • On the page, locate the BROCHURE icon and click on it.
  • Choose a Brochure by institution.

That’s it!“”

How To Access JAMB Syllabus On IBASS

How To Access JAMB Syllabus On IBASS
How To Access JAMB Syllabus On IBASS

For checking the JAMB syllabus using JAMB IBASS:

Follow these steps:

  • Visit JAMB IBASS official Website @ https://jamb.gov.ng/ibass.
  • Look for the SYLLABUS icon and click on it.
  • Choose Syllabus by institution.

You’re done!“‘”

How To Check 2024/2025 Eligible Course And Institution Using Jamb iBass

To check your eligible course and institution

  • Visit the JAMB iBass portal at ibass.jamb.gov.ng.
  • Click on “Check Course Eligibility.”
  • Choose your school of choice.
  • Enter the course you wish to study.
  • If the course is available in the school, it will display, along with your JAMB subject combination.
  • Explore additional features on ibass.jamb.gov.ng.
  • Confirm you are choosing the right course in the right school.
  • Proceed to register for JAMB.

Check your eligible course and institution through the JAMB iBass portal or the IBASS mobile app. The mobile app includes extra features such as study materials, process guidance, CBT Exam guide, Caps, and Downloads.

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In Conclusion

JAMB IBASS, which stands for JAMB Integrated Brochure and Syllabus System, is a tool introduced by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB). It serves as an online and mobile version of the JAMB brochure and syllabus, enabling you to check topics, requirements, and courses offered by your chosen University, Polytechnic, or College. Additionally, it helps assess your chances of admission based on your O’ Level/A Level results and UTME Subjects Combinations.

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