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JAMB Literature in English Areas of Concentration 2024/2025

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JAMB Literature in English Areas of Concentration 2024: “Preparing for the 2024/2025 JAMB Literature in English exam? here is our comprehensive guide on the JAMB areas of concentration for Literature in English to sharpen your focus and boost your chances of success.”

The Literature in English section is important in the JAMB exam, constituting a significant portion of the total score. Hence, thorough preparation is essential for candidates to enhance their chances of success. Our guide to JAMB Areas of Concentration for Literature in English 2024/2025 offers a comprehensive overview of key topics and concepts to focus on for excellence in this section.

Whether a regular jambite or just starting, our guide equips you with the necessary tools and knowledge for exam success. If you aim to improve your performance on the JAMB exam, move into our guide and prepare yourself for the Literature in English examination” So let’s get you started”‘

JAMB Literature in English Areas of Concentration 2024/2025

The JAMB 2024 Literature in English exam covers the following topics:


  • Types of drama (tragedy, comedy, tragicomedy, melodrama, farce, opera, etc.)
  • Dramatic techniques (characterization, dialogue, flashback, mime, costume, music/dance,
  • decor/scenery, acts/scenes, soliloquy/aside, figures of speech)
  • Interpretation of prescribed texts (theme, plot, socio-political context, setting)


  • Types of prose (novel, novella/novelette, short story, biography, autobiography, memoir, faction)
  • Narrative techniques/devices (point of view, characterization, language)
  • Textual analysis (theme, plot, setting, socio-political context)


  • Types of poetry (sonnet, ode, lyrics, elegy, ballad, panegyric, epic, blank verse, etc.)
  • Poetic devices (imagery, sound, diction, persona)
  • Appreciation (thematic preoccupation, socio-political relevance, style)

General Literary Principles

Literary terms (foreshadowing, suspense, theatre, monologue, dialogue, soliloquy, symbolism, protagonist, antagonist, figures of speech, satire, stream of consciousness, synecdoche, metonymy, etc.)
Literary Appreciation:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Jamb 2024 Areas of Concentration for Literature in English?

The JAMB 2024 Areas of Concentration for Literature in English encompass Drama, Prose, Poetry, General Literary Principles, and Literary Appreciation. In Drama, candidates analyze various types like tragedy and comedy, examining techniques such as characterization and dialogue. Prose requires understanding different forms like the novel and short story, along with narrative techniques such as point of view. Poetry involves identifying types like sonnets and odes and analyzing poetic devices such as imagery and sound. Candidates must grasp general literary principles like figures of speech and symbolism and appreciate literary texts through unseen passages.


The JAMB Areas of Concentration for Literature in English guide is indispensable for any student gearing up for the 2024/2025 JAMB Literature in English exam. With our guide, you’ll grasp the vital topics, formulas, and expert tips necessary for success and feel self-assured on exam day. Don’t leave your success to chance – commence your studies now and give yourself the prime opportunity to excel in JAMB’s Literature in English!

As the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board exam approaches, your dedication shines through after months of diligent study and sacrifices. With your future hanging in the balance, it all boils down to your performance on exam day. While the pressure is palpable, there’s no need to panic. With the right preparation and mindset, you’re more than capable of acing this exam.

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