(i) UPGRADE TO 200: ₦10,000
(ii) UPGRADE TO 250: ₦15,000
(iii) UPGRADE TO 300: ₦20,000
(iV) UPGRADE TO 350: ₦30,000

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JAMB Mock 2024/2025 Exam Date, Time, Venue & Fee

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JAMB Mock 2024

The JAMB Mock 2024/2025 Exam Date, Time, Venue & Fee, have been rescheduled and announced for candidates who opted for the optional mock during their UTME registration.

The Board has revealed that the mock examination, as in previous years, will take place in all accredited CBT centers. This aims to prepare and familiarize interested candidates with the CBT environment.

The 2023 JAMB MOCK examinations are exclusively for candidates who expressed interest during the regular UTME registration period. The rescheduled MOCK exam is set for Tuesday, 18th April, 2024, from 8 am to 4 pm. Originally conducted on 30th March, 2024

The MOCK exam faced technical issues in some centers, prompting the reschedule to accommodate affected candidates. The MOCK exam serves the dual purpose of assessing JAMB’s readiness for the UTME and providing candidates with hands-on experience in the CBT test environment.

JAMB MOCK Examination Dates 2024/2025

JAMB MOCK Examination Dates

Candidates can print their MOCK Examination Notification Slips one week before the scheduled MOCK exam date, starting from 10th April 2024.

Non-JAMB CBT Centres can collect a separate ₦1,000 fee from interested candidates through their bank accounts after receiving the notification of the assigned center. The payment for the mock exam should be made directly to the assigned center.

No association or entity is authorized to conduct mock exams on behalf of JAMB. Candidates posted to JAMB offices nationwide for the mock exam will be exempted from paying the MOCK fee; the examination is free of charge for them.

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JAMB Mock 2024/2025

The Board introduced the optional Mock examination in 2017 to familiarize candidates with computerized tests, refine examination processes, and assess CBT center facilities before the main exam.

It serves to eliminate computer phobia, partiularly for candidates encountering computers for the first time. Interested candidates during registration can partake in the Mock exam, now in its seventh year. All preparations for both the Mock Examination and the 2024 UTME have been finalized.

Why Take the Mock UTME 2024/2025

JAMB mock is optional, providing benefits for familiarization with the testing mode. Notably, questions from the mock exam are not repeated in the main UTME.

Participation is not obligatory for the Main UTME Examination. The mock result does not contribute to the UTME score.

Changing your mind about the mock exam after expressing interest incurs no penalty. Missing the exam has no remedy. Importantly, the JAMB mock examination is free of charge.

How to Prepare and Pass Jamb Mock 2024/2024

Understanding the JAMB format

Understanding the unique format of the JAMB UTME is crucial for success, with its multiple-choice questions, comprehension passages, and field-specific subjects. The JAMB Mock Examination closely mirrors this format, aiding students in familiarizing themselves with question types and the overall layout.

Reducing exam anxiety

The JAMB UTME often brings about anxiety, stress, and fear. Participating in the JAMB Mock Examination helps alleviate these feelings by providing a low-pressure environment for practicing time management and test-taking skills, ultimately boosting confidence for the main exam.

Identifying areas for improvement

An additional advantage of the JAMB Mock Examination is the opportunity for self-assessment. Candidates receive feedback on their performance, including scores and areas for improvement, aiding in targeted preparation for the actual exam.

How to Register for the JAMB Mock Examination 2024/2025

  • Visit the official JAMB website: Go to https://efacility.jamb.gov.ng/login, the primary platform for JAMB activities.
  • Create a JAMB profile: Provide personal details like name, email, and phone number if you haven’t already.
  • Purchase the ePIN: Buy the JAMB Mock Examination ePIN, a 10-digit code, from authorized outlets or banks.
  • Register for the mock exam: Log in to your JAMB profile, select “Mock Examination,” and follow on-screen instructions.
  • Choose an exam center: During registration, pick a preferred JAMB Mock Examination center from the available options.
  • Make a payment: Pay the nominal fee for the mock exam using the provided ePIN.
  • Confirm your registration: After payment, verify all information to ensure accurate registration for the JAMB Mock Examination.

The Role of the JAMB Mock Examination in Your Preparation

The JAMB Mock Examination serves as a valuable tool for candidates by simulating actual exam conditions, aiding in familiarization with the format, and reducing test anxiety. It offers a platform for self-assessment, allowing the identification of strengths and weaknesses to refine study strategies.

The mock exam provides an opportunity to practice essential time management skills crucial for the JAMB UTME, ensuring completion within allocated time limits. A successful performance in the mock exam contributes to boosted confidence, fostering a positive mindset for the main examination.


How can I register for the JAMB Mock Examination?

To register for the JAMB Mock Examination:
Visit the official JAMB website.
Create a JAMB profile if not done already.
Purchase the JAMB Mock Examination ePIN from authorized outlets.
Log in to your JAMB profile and select the “Mock Examination” tab.
Follow on-screen instructions to complete the registration.
Choose your preferred exam center and make the required payment.

What are the important dates and deadlines for the JAMB Mock Examination

For specific dates and deadlines regarding the JAMB Mock Examination, check the official JAMB website regularly. Stay informed about registration commencement, closing dates, and the mock exam date. Ensure timely registration within the specified period to secure a spot.

 Can I use the same ePIN for the JAMB Mock Examination and the main JAMB UTME?

No, the ePIN used for the JAMB Mock Examination is distinct from the ePIN used for the main JAMB UTME. Candidates need to acquire a unique ePIN for each of these exams, usually available at designated banks and authorized outlets.

How to pass JAMB 2024 successfully?

To improve JAMB exam performance:
Start Early: Avoid starting your studies late.
Set a Target: Establish specific study goals.
Have a Reading System: Develop an effective study routine.
Create a Reading Timetable: Organize your study sessions.
Study With JAMB Syllabus: Follow the official syllabus.
Master JAMB Exam Format: Understand the exam structure.
Practice Past Questions: Familiarize yourself with question patterns.
Attend Authentic JAMB Lessons: Consider joining reputable JAMB lessons.

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