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JAMB Subject Combination For Agriculture 2024/2025

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JAMB Subject Combination For Agriculture 2024/2025: Aspiring Agriculture students in Nigerian universities, selecting the correct JAMB subject combination is crucial for successful admission. This guide provides comprehensive insights into excelling in JAMB with the optimal subject combination for Agricultural Science.

Ready for the 2024 JAMB UTME/DE Examination? If you’re uncertain about the Subjects or Requirements for your course, fret not. We’ve got hints and tips to guide you through the registration process.

Agriculture plays a vital role in Nigeria’s food security, economic growth, and employment. If you’re enthusiastic about farming, animal husbandry, crop production, or agribusiness, pursuing a degree in Agriculture may be ideal.

To achieve this, meeting JAMB exam requirements is essential. This guide provides insights into the necessary subject combinations for JAMB Agriculture Science, along with tips for excelling in the exams and securing admission into your desired university.

JAMB UTME Subject Combination 2024/2025

For Agriculture programs in UTME, English Language is compulsory, and the additional three subjects required for the Faculty of Agriculture include Chemistry, Biology/Agriculture, and either Physics or Mathematics.

O’Level Subject Combination for UTME Candidates 2024/2025

To apply for Agriculture as a UTME candidate, you need five SSCE credit passes, including English Language, Biology/Agricultural Science, Chemistry, and any one of Mathematics, Physics, Geography, or Economics.

Subjects Combination for Direct Entry Candidates 2024/2025

To apply for Agriculture as a Direct Entry candidate, you need two A-level passes in Chemistry and one from Biology/Botany/Zoology/Agricultural Science, Economics, Physics, Geography, and Geology/Mathematics (Pure and Applied).

JAMB Subject Combination For Agriculture 2024/2025

To pursue Agriculture in a Nigerian university, your JAMB subject combination should include

  • English Language (compulsory)
  • Chemistry
  • Biology or Agricultural Science
  • Mathematics or Physics

The English Language is compulsory for testing communication skills. Chemistry is essential for understanding biological systems’ chemical processes. Biology or Agricultural Science provides knowledge of living organisms, structures, functions, and interactions. Mathematics or Physics aids in problem-solving and offers a scientific foundation for agricultural studies.

Note that specific universities may have variations, so always check the JAMB brochure or university requirements for any additional criteria. For instance, some universities may accept Mathematics, Physics, Geography, or Economics as alternatives.

For Crop Production and Soil Science, which includes the study of agricultural crop cultivation and soil science, the required JAMB subject combination is: =To qualify for Crop Production, Soil Science, Agronomy, and related Agriculture programs in Nigerian universities, follow these subject combinations:


  • English Language (compulsory)
  • Chemistry
  • Biology/Agricultural Science
  • Mathematics or Physics


  • English Language
  • Chemistry
  • Biology/Agricultural Science
  • Mathematics
  • Physics or Geography


Does Agriculture require Mathematics at O’level?

A credit in Mathematics is typically mandatory for most Agriculture programs, with rare exceptions.

Is Agricultural Science a JAMB requirement for Agriculture courses?

Agricultural Science can replace Biology as a JAMB subject for many Agriculture-related courses, but certain universities may specifically mandate Biology.

Can I combine Geography with Economics for Agriculture?

Yes, Geography and Economics can be combined as your arts/social science electives for Agriculture; they hold relevance to the field.

Does Agriculture accept NABTEB or NECO?

Yes, most universities accept equivalent NABTEB and NECO credits at O’Level, provided you have the required subjects.

List of Degree Awarding Institutions that Offer Agriculture.

List of Degree Awarding Institutions that Offer Agriculture.


JAMB: English Language, Chemistry, Biology or Agricultural Science, and Mathematics or Physics WAEC: English Language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology or Agricultural Science, and any other science subject To excel in these exams.

these steps enhance your chances of admission to your preferred institution. For any queries on JAMB Subject Combination for Agriculture, feel free to ask in the comments. Share this information with others who may find it beneficial!

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