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(iV) UPGRADE TO 350: ₦30,000

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JAMB Syllabus 2024/2025 For all Subjects PDF Download – Syllabus System (IBASS)

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Looking for the “JAMB Syllabus 2024/2025 For all Subjects” or want to download the JAMB Syllabus PDF format? You’re in the right place. JAMB Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations (UTME) can be daunting for many, but success is achievable with the right approach. It’s essential to understand the basics of the exam before discussing effective strategies for passing with confidence.

The JAMB Syllabus 2024/2025 For all Subjects is now accessible online in PDF Download, providing essential guidance for candidates preparing for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME). This tool, prepared by JAMB, is crucial for effective learning and contains details about the course, materials, and success strategies.

Accessing the online JAMB syllabus is the easiest and most convenient way to obtain relevant information on each subject’s objectives, topics, contents, notes, and recommended textbooks.

Download the verified and current JAMB Syllabus 2024/2025 for all subjects on this page. This free resource is essential for those preparing to take the JAMB UTME or direct entry examination, providing crucial guidance for effective preparation and success

Read the JAMB Syllabus 2024 for all subjects, including English, literature in English, biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, Agricultural science, government, commerce, economics, and more on this page. Additionally, discover JAMB-recommended textbooks for each subject.

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Significance of the JAMB Syllabus 2024/2025

The JAMB syllabus is a crucial resource providing topics, objectives, and recommended textbooks for each subject. Candidates are urged to download and review the syllabus. Understanding its importance is the initial key to success, as it guides students on specific topics and content areas aligned with examination requirements.

JAMB syllabi are categorized by subjects, with each subject divided into specific topics. This structured format enables candidates to identify and focus on relevant content systematically. The syllabus is available in a downloadable PDF format, easily accessible on smartphones or laptops for convenient preparation.

JAMB /UTME Syllabus 2024/2025 For all Subjects PDF Download

See the complete list of JAMB syllabi released by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB). Click on any subject to view the detailed syllabus.

JAMB /UTME Syllabus 2024/2025 For all Subjects PDF Download

Embrace the JAMB syllabus as a key tool for UTME success. Mastering its content aligns efforts with examination requirements, allowing candidates to approach the JAMB examination confidently. Best of luck to all JAMB candidates in their preparation and examination!

How to Use UTME Syllabus 2024

Access the latest JAMB Syllabus for 2024/2025 to prepare for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination. This outlined list of topics is essential for focused study and practicing past questions. Each subject’s syllabus provides objectives, topics, contents, notes, and recommended textbooks, serving as a reliable guide for exam preparation. Follow the steps outlined to make the most of the syllabus and ensure a successful performance in the UTME.

  • Identify the subject combination for your desired course.
  • Click on the subject to read the topics and download the PDF format.
  • Open the file using a PDF application.
  • Review the aim, topics, contents, notes, and objectives for each subject.
  • Scroll to the end for recommended textbooks.
  • Obtain and read the recommended textbooks.
  • Utilize the latest JAMB series for practice to assess your preparation level.

How To Download Jamb Syllabus 2024/2025 Via (IBASS) Syllabus System

IBASS stands for Integrated Brochure and Syllabus System. It is an online version of the JAMB Brochure and Syllabus provided to students during registration. This digital format is designed to save costs and offer accessibility to students even before JAMB registration, making the information readily available.

How To download Jamb Syllabus 2024/2025 Via (IBASS) Syllabus System
  • Visit the JAMB IBASS official website at https://jamb.gov.ng/ibass.
  • On the page, find the SYLLABUS icon and click on it.
  • Choose the subject you want to check the syllabus for.
  • That’s it!

JAMB Integrated Brochure and Syllabus System (IBASS) includes brochures for all courses and schools (Universities, Polytechnics, and Colleges of Education). Additionally, the JAMB Syllabus is accessible through IBASS

Upon paying for your registration, you receive a CD containing the syllabus and brochure. Additionally, purchase the recommended novel. The brochure aids in selecting your course and university preferences. Choose your options strategically, and for the exam, pick four subjects, including English.

Prepare for 250 multiple-choice questions per subject, with 100 in English and 50 in each other subject. The exam is computer-based, and familiarity with computers is crucial. The test lasts approximately three hours, and answering all questions accurately within the time limit is essential.

How to Prepare using the Jamb Syllabus 2024/2025

To effectively prepare for JAMB, gather these essentials: a notebook and pen, textbooks for each subject, JAMB past questions, and the JAMB syllabus. Here’s a study plan using the syllabus:

  • Write out syllabus topics in your notebook for the four subjects.
  • Confirm your textbooks cover these topics.
  • Study each topic and solve related past questions.
  • Mark completed topics and track your progress.
  • Continue until you’ve covered the entire JAMB syllabus for your chosen subjects.

How To Score Above 300 in JAMB 2024/2024 in One Sitting

Study the JAMB Syllabus:
Obtain the JAMB syllabus as a guide for focused and efficient study. It outlines the topics likely to be covered, aiding effective preparation.

Read the Recommended Novel:
Acquire the recommended novel for the Use of English section. Regardless of your academic background, thoroughly understand the novel as it contributes to a significant portion of the questions.

Use Past Questions:
Purchase or access past JAMB questions to familiarize yourself with the exam’s structure. This practice helps you understand question patterns and assess your readiness.

Learn Computer Basics:
As JAMB is computer-based, ensure you’re proficient in basic computer operations. Attend mock exams and seek assistance if needed, as this skill is crucial for success.

Be Disciplined:
Maintain discipline in your study routine. Focus on your JAMB preparation, avoiding distractions. Prioritize your studies before engaging in other activities.

Regular Focused Study:
Engage in focused study sessions, eliminating distractions. Active reading, note-taking, and memorization are key components of focused study.

Concentrate on Strengths:
Prioritize subjects where you excel. Concentrating on strengths can contribute significantly to your overall score, compensating for weaker areas.

Get Help for Weaknesses:
Seek assistance for subjects where you face challenges. Consult knowledgeable individuals, pay attention during teaching sessions, and practice independently to improve.

Put in More Hours:
Allocate sufficient study time, aiming to complete the syllabus well before the exam date. Avoid last-minute cramming and establish a consistent study routine.

Join Study Groups or Learning Centres:
Choose a study approach that suits your personality—whether studying alone or in a group. Joining a study group or enrolling in a reputable learning center can provide valuable insights and collaboration.

Keep Fear at Bay:
Overcome fear and doubt by believing in your capabilities. Confidence in your preparation is crucial for success. Disregard negative rumors and focus on your efforts.

Eat and Rest Properly:
Maintain a balanced diet with brain-boosting foods. Ensure adequate sleep to enhance concentration and assimilation. Starving yourself can lead to confusion and weakness.

By following these strategies, you can approach your JAMB preparation systematically and increase your chances of success.

JAMB Syllabus Recommended Textbooks 2024/2024 For all Subjects

JAMB Syllabus Recommended Textbooks 2024/2025
JAMB Syllabus Recommended Textbooks 2024/2025
JAMB Syllabus Recommended Textbooks 2024/2025
JAMB Syllabus Recommended Textbooks 2024/2025
JAMB Syllabus Recommended Textbooks 2024/2025


If you’re gearing up for the 2024/2025 UTME and seeking clarity on what to study for your chosen subjects, UTME2024.org has you covered.

This article has proven to be a detailed insight into the JAMB syllabus for 2024, offering explanations and tips to aid your exam preparation. Whether you’re a student aiming for excellence or a supportive parent, We have simplified the JAMB syllabus for all subjects and paved the way for success in the upcoming exam.


Is the JAMB syllabus out for 2024 UTME?

The 2024 JAMB syllabus is now available for download on this page or the official JAMB portal

Is mathematics compulsory in JAMB 2024?

This depends on your course of study. Mathematics is compulsory for most science subjects like Engineering.

How many subjects do you write in JAMB?

4 subjects. English language is compulsory for all candidates

Is the JAMB syllabus the same every year?

No, the JAMB syllabus is not static and can be subject to changes each year.

Does JAMB follow its syllabus?

While JAMB provides a syllabus that outlines the topics to be covered in the examination, candidates should study broadly and thoroughly to enhance their preparation for the upcoming exams.

Why is it important to follow the JAMB syllabus for exam preparation?

Adhering to the JAMB syllabus is crucial for focused and effective exam preparation. It ensures comprehensive coverage of essential topics, providing a strategic approach to studying and enhancing the likelihood of success.”

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