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JAMB Syllabus For Mathematics 2024/2025-PDF Download

JAMB Syllabus For Mathematics 2024/2025-PDF Download: the JAMB Mathematics Syllabus is divided into sections: Number and Numeration, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus. Candidates should utilize diverse study resources like textbooks, references, and online platforms aligned with the syllabus.

Practical problem-solving is crucial in mastering mathematics, involving solving problems, studying examples, and grasping detailed solutions.

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Syllabus Overview

Syllabus Overview

General Objectives

  • Acquire computational and manipulative skills;
  • Develop precise, logical, and formal reasoning skills;
  • Develop deductive skills in the interpretation of graphs, diagrams, and data
  • Apply mathematical concepts to resolve issues in daily living.

JAMB Syllabus for Mathematics 2024/2025

1. Number basesCandidates should be able to perform operations in different bases and convert between them, including fractional parts. Also, apply operations in modulo arithmetic.
2. Fractions, Decimals, ApproximationsCandidates should be able to perform operations on fractions and decimals, handle significant figures and decimal places, calculate simple interest, profit and loss percent, ratio, proportion, rate, percentage errors, and solve problems involving shares and VAT.
3. Indices, Logarithms and SurdsCandidates should be able to apply laws of indices, solve equations, understand standard form, laws of logarithms, change of bases, simplify and rationalize surds, and relate indices to logarithms.
4. SetsCandidates should be able to identify types of sets, use algebra of sets, solve problems with Venn diagrams involving up to 3 sets.
1. PolynomialsCandidates should be able to change subjects of formulas, multiply and divide polynomials, factorize polynomials up to degree 3, find roots, apply factor and remainder theorems, solve simultaneous equations, and interpret graphs of polynomials.
2. VariationCandidates should be able to solve problems involving direct, inverse, joint, and partial variations, as well as percentage increases and decreases.
3. InequalitiesCandidates should be able to solve linear and quadratic inequalities analytically and graphically, with integral roots only, and interpret their graphs.
JAMB Syllabus for Mathematics 2024/2025



Is the JAMB syllabus out for 2024 UTME?

Yes, the 2024 JAMB syllabus is available for download on this page or directly from the JAMB portal.

Is mathematics compulsory in JAMB 2024?

Yes, the 2024 JAMB syllabus is available for download on this page or directly from the JAMB portal.


To excel in the UTME Mathematics exam, carefully study the syllabus to grasp key concepts and focus areas. Create a structured study plan to cover all topics within your available time. Practice with past UTME Mathematics papers to familiarize yourself with the exam format and questions. Maintain a dedicated study space free from distractions.

Download the official JAMB Syllabus for Mathematics 2024 PDF from the JAMB website under the “Syllabus” section by selecting “Mathematics” and clicking “Download PDF”. This resource is essential for achieving a high score on the exam.

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