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JAMB Use of English Areas of Concentration for 2024/2025

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The JAMB Use of English Areas of Concentration for 2024/2025 aims to guide candidates in preparation for the exam, evaluating their ability to:

  • (i) communicate effectively in both written and spoken English; and
  • (ii) use the English Language for learning at the tertiary level.

The JAMB Use of English Areas of Concentration provides candidates with a focused study guide, helping them understand the key topics and concepts likely to be tested in the exam. This allows candidates to streamline their preparation.

Ensuring they cover the most relevant topics. Additionally, focusing on these areas can boost one’s chances of passing the examination very well as it makes one more prepared and equipped to tackle the questions effectively.

“Whether seasoned or just starting, our guide equips you for success on exam day. Discover how to boost your performance on the JAMB exam with our comprehensive guide to JAMB Use of English Areas of Concentration for 2024/2025.

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Major JAMB Use of English Areas of Concentration 2024/2025

In the JAMB Use of English examination, candidates are tested on various aspects of language proficiency. Two important sections include:

SECTION B: Lexis and Structure – This section evaluates candidates’ understanding and application of vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure. It may include questions on synonyms, antonyms, word usage, idiomatic expressions, sentence completion, and error identification and correction.

SECTION C: Oral Forms – This section assesses candidates’ comprehension and interpretation of spoken English. It may include listening comprehension exercises, such as listening to passages or dialogues and answering questions based on them. Candidates may also be tested on their ability to express themselves orally, such as through oral presentations, discussions, or interview

SECTION A Comprehension/Summary – This section of the JAMB Use of English examination assesses candidates’ ability to comprehend written passages and extract key information. It typically involves reading comprehension exercises where candidates read passages or texts and answer questions based on the content.


Candidates may be required to summarize the main points or themes of the passages in their own words. This section tests candidates’ reading comprehension skills, as well as their ability to analyze and synthesize information from written texts.

(i) The passages in the JAMB Use of English examination will encompass various genres, each about 200 words long. They will include:

(a) Description (b) Narration (c) Exposition (d) Argumentation/Persuasion

One of the passages will also be a cloze test.

(ii) Questions based on the passages will cover:

(a) Comprehension of the entire passage or specific parts. (b) Understanding of words, phrases, clauses, sentences, figures of speech, and idioms used. (c) Coherence and logical reasoning, including deductions and inferences. (d) Synthesis of ideas presented in the passages.

Note: one of the passages may be from “The Life Changer” by Khadija Abubakar Jalli.

Lexis and Structure

Topics to be covered in the JAMB Use of English examination include:

(a) Synonyms (b) Antonyms (c) Homonyms (d) Clause and sentence patterns (e) Word classes and their functions (f) Mood, tense, aspect, number, agreement/concord, degree (positive, comparative, and superlative), and question tags (g) Punctuation and spelling (h) Ordinary, figurative, and idiomatic usage in standard British English

Objectives for candidates:

i. Identify words and expressions in ordinary, figurative, and idiomatic contexts. ii. Determine similar and opposite meanings of words. iii. Differentiate between correct and incorrect punctuation and spelling. iv. Identify various grammatical patterns in use. v. Interpret information conveyed in sentences.

Oral Forms

Topics covered in the JAMB Use of English Oral examination include:

(a) Vowels (monophthongs and diphthongs) (b) Consonants (including consonant clusters) (c) Rhymes (including homophones) (d) Word stress (monosyllabic and polysyllabic words) (e) Intonation (emphatic stress on words)

Note: Emphatic stress involves placing normal stress on words in an utterance for emphasis.

Objectives for candidates:

i. Differentiate between types of vowels. ii. Identify different types of consonants. iii. Recognize correct accentuation in individual words and connected speech.

Recommended Texts for the JAMB Use of English examination.

Recommended Texts for the JAMB Use of English examination.

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