(i) UPGRADE TO 200: ₦10,000
(ii) UPGRADE TO 250: ₦15,000
(iii) UPGRADE TO 300: ₦20,000
(iV) UPGRADE TO 350: ₦30,000

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UNILAG Cut-Off Mark 2024/2025 For All Courses

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UNILAG Cut-Off Mark 2024/2025 for all courses in the 2024/2025 academic session are available now. Ensure to check them if UNILAG is your first-choice institution. They have different cut-off marks for undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Read the University of Lagos (UNILAG) Cut-Off Marks for the 2024/2025 Academic Session here. This page provides all the essential information you need. Don’t hesitate to share this resource with friends who might benefit from it.

What is the UNILAG Cut-Off Mark?

UNILAG’s cut-off mark is the minimum score needed in UTME and possibly Post-UTME for admission to your chosen course. The JAMB cut-off mark is 200 for all programs at UNILAG.

UNILAG Cut-Off Mark 2024/2025 For All Courses

The 2024/2025 academic session’s JAMB cut-off mark for University of Lagos (UNILAG) is 200. This score is required for eligibility for the UNILAG Post UTME screening.

For admission into certain programs, aspiring students should aim for a combined UTME and Post-UTME score of at least 52%.

However, to improve admission prospects, aiming for 65% or higher is recommended. Additionally, certain states might have a catchment cut-off of 60% or above, depending on the course, though some states may not have this requirement.

UNILAG Departmental Cut-Off Marks

Please note that these cut-off marks are subject to change, as institutions may adjust them based on different factors. To get a concrete idea of the scores to aim for, you can download the 2024/2025 admission cut-off marks used for last year’s admission by clicking the download button below or viewing it on your PC.


The departmental cut-off mark at UNILAG is different from the JAMB cut-off mark and is the final criterion for admission.

For the 2024/2025 session, UNILAG has not yet disclosed its departmental merit/ELDS/catchment cut-off marks. Based on previous years, UNILAG usually publishes its departmental cut-off marks. However, if they do not make this information public, we will update this page accordingly.

UNILAG Departmental Cut-Off Marks

UNILAG JAMB Cut-Off Mark 2024/2025 For All Courses

If you’re curious about the UNILAG JAMB cut off marks for the 2024/2025 academic session, this post got you covered. The table below is a comprehensive List Of UNILAG JAMB Cut-Off Mark 2024/2025 For All Courses.

UNILAG JAMB Cut-Off Mark 2024/2025 For All Courses
UNILAG JAMB Cut-Off Mark 2024/2025 For All Courses
UNILAG JAMB Cut-Off Mark 2024/2025 For All Courses
UNILAG JAMB Cut-Off Mark 2024/2025 For All Courses
UNILAG JAMB Cut-Off Mark 2024/2025 For All Courses
UNILAG JAMB Cut-Off Mark 2024/2025 For All Courses
UNILAG JAMB Cut-Off Mark 2024/2025 For All Courses
UNILAG JAMB Cut-Off Mark 2024/2025 For All Courses


UNILAG maintains a certain standard for admission, and they set a minimum JAMB score requirement of 180. However, to enhance your chances of admission, it’s advisable to score well above this minimum threshold, aiming for scores significantly higher than 180.

This is because universities prioritize candidates with higher scores when making admission decisions, especially if there are other applicants with more competitive scores, such as around 250 or higher. Therefore, scoring above 180 ensures you’re in a more favorable position for admission to UNILAG.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the cut-off marks for UNILAG in 2024?

The University of Lagos requires candidates to score 200 and above in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) to qualify for the screening process.

Can UNILAG accept 170 in JAMB?

No, UNILAG requires a minimum score of 200 in JAMB to be eligible to apply for degree programs.

What is the UNILAG cut-off mark for medicine and surgery?

The University specifies a cut-off of 84.7 aggregate points for Medicine and 80.5 points for Dentistry for consideration for admission on merit

What is UNILAG current cut off mark?

UNILAG cut off mark is 200. Any UTME candidate that scores 200 and above is eligible for UNILAG post UTME screening exercise.

Does UNILAG Accept second choice candidates?

No, UNILAG accepts only first choice candidates.

Can UNILAG accept me if I score 180?

As mentioned above, only candidates that score 180 and above are eligible to apply for UNILAG post UTME therefore you are qualified.

If I score 200 in jamb and still use UNILAG as second choice can I gain admission?

UNILAG will only admit first choice candidates irrespective of your JAMB score.


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