(i) UPGRADE TO 200: ₦10,000
(ii) UPGRADE TO 250: ₦15,000
(iii) UPGRADE TO 300: ₦20,000
(iV) UPGRADE TO 350: ₦30,000

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JAMB CBT Centres in Ebonyi State 2024/2025

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“Hey” 2024 UTME candidates in Ebonyi State: JAMB has released the list of JAMB CBT Centres in Ebonyi State 2024/2025 for your convenience. Ensure you check and use these designated centers for a smooth registration and examination process.

JAMB CBT Centres in Ebonyi State 2024/2025 candidates in Ebonyi State, Nigeria must stay well-informed about the approved Computer-Based Test (CBT) centers. Being familiar with the locations and facilities of these centers is essential for effective exam preparation and a smooth examination experience. Candidates should know the designated CBT centers to avoid any inconvenience during the exam.

Looking for JAMB CBT Centres in Ebonyi State for the 2024/2025 UTME? You’re in the right place! Check out the official list of approved centers for a smooth registration process. Keep reading for more details.

JAMB CBT Centres in Ebonyi State 2024/2025

JAMB 2024/2025 UTME in Ebonyi: Here are 8 approved CBT centers for registration, change of details, and related processes. Choose the center closest to you for easy access during registration and examination.

JAMB CBT Centres in Ebonyi State 2024/2025

Frequently Asked Questions

Has JAMB approved CBT Centres for 2024?

Yes, JAMB accredited 747 CBT centers for the 2024 UTME, an increase from 613 in 2023, as per a document obtained by PUNCH Online. This marks a significant rise of 134 approved CBT centers for this year’s matriculation examinations.

How much does JAMB pay CBT centers for examination?

JAMB disbursed N1,478,416,000.00 to Non-JAMB CBT centers nationwide for their services during the 2024 UTME.

How Do I Become An Accredited JAMB CBT Centre?

Meet Requirements: Ensure your institution has at least 250 functional computer systems, well-trained technical staff, reliable power supply, internet connectivity, and an exam-conducive environment to qualify as a JAMB CBT centre.

Apply: Obtain the accreditation application form from JAMB’s website or the nearest JAMB office after confirming that your institution meets the requirements. Provide necessary information such as institution name, address, and contact details.

Screening: JAMB will assess your application and conduct a screening process, which may include an on-site visit to evaluate your facilities, equipment, and personnel.

Training: Successfully meeting requirements and passing the screening, undergo training provided by JAMB on how to conduct CBT exams. This ensures that your institution is well-prepared for the task.

Accreditation: Upon completion of training, your institution will be accredited as a JAMB CBT centre. You’ll receive a certificate of accreditation, and your details will be listed on JAMB’s website as an approved CBT centre.

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